Why portraits are important

Someday your family will look for photos of you.

What will they find?


These days, everyone has hundreds of snapshots on their phones and maybe some are fun selfies. But do you own a portrait of yourself that you really love, are proud to share and want to be remembered by? A portrait that will be lovingly displayed in a frame up on the wall? A portrait that will represent you on the family tree?

Exist in portraits!

I'm fortunate to be in the possession of wonderful pictures of my family. Many are long gone and some I've never even met. I LOVE to look at photographs of my ancestors! I even have an 'Ancestry Wall' in my house. To know where you come from and to see yourself in those faces is truly a gift.

Don't wait until you have lost those 10 lbs, your family loves you right now! A good portrait photographer will make you comfortable in front of the camera and pose you from your toes to your fingertips, so you will look your best.

Give this gift to yourself or a loved one!